How does a princess look at her life?

It’s been three days, she is still sitting on the floor holding that book. She is completely lost in it and turning its pages back and forth. She is trying hard to find something that others can see but not her, and looking impatient, muddled, distraught. It seems this girl just wants to stop searching in that book but people around her are forcing her to find something, and she even doesn’t know what it is, where it is, still just trying… trying hard without even stopping for a moment.


She can see all the starting pages are so colorful like a rainbow, filled with many interesting stories, and rest of the book has just plain white pages, ready to be filled. She is not able to see any third thing but people around her can see so many dark black pages. They are forcing her to read it again and again. But, she doesn’t know where to look for it, why can’t she see it when all people can see. Of course, It’s the same book.

She is tired of flipping through pages, but finally, it’s over. She stands up and shouts out loud, Just Leave Me, Leave Me Alone… This is my book, and I will read it the way I want. You all just leave me, please leave me. She patiently sits down, takes a deep breath, and closes the book. There were signs of relaxing, joy, satisfaction on her face like she has found something amazing or a mantra of happiness.

That book was nothing but the book of her life. Her own stories written on all the pages. The entire world could see dark black pages but she could only see colorful pages filled with the stories of her own adventures, her memories, and she knew she is yet to color rest of the white blank pages. She understood in these days that the story of her life is not written in that book, actually, It is written in the beauty of her eyes, the strength of her mind, and the purity of her heart. God has gifted her an amazing story and It all depends on her how does she see it, how does she make it happen real. All people around her could see black pages, read the stories of pain and sorrows, and blamed God for that. But this young girl only saw the experience, learnings, blessings, joy. She appreciated the meaning of every single word written there with the bright golden ink explaining her adventures.

She just left, it is the time to write more pages with more colors. Now, she knows she never needs to read it again, she just needs to fill it with many more colorful stories. And, the day she will leave this world, she has to return it to God and God should appreciate her efforts, her stories, her success, her failures, and all the phases of her life she has been through.

She is really a princess. All people had understood that they were wrong. They can’t make her loose just because of their fears. They can’t force her to see what do they believe in. She is on her own journey and she has to win it. A real princess never loses a battle of her life.

Dedicated to all beautiful princess in the world 🙂


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