Best Women’s Day Message

Today on International Women’s Day, I received this message and this was the first thing I read when I opened my eyes in a fresh new day. It made my day. So, I thought to post it here with you all 🙂 This was really really very special and overwhelming for me. I also realized that the best moment in life is when someone starts believing in you.

Happy Women’s Day👩🏼 to one of the most talented women I have seen.
I don’t know you personally, but as we know, Action speaks louder than words, they overshadow your caste, age & even gender as well.
And your publications📃, achievements🥇experience, assistantships, presentations, research projects are enough to express your dedication, hard work & sincerity towards your passion .
I read your post “U r not alone…”
I can be wrong, but I felt that being a woman, you must have faced obstacles during your engineering, but instead of quitting, *you must have decided to draw strength from struggles, smiles from stress & instead of ignoring troublemakers, you must have taught them life lessons.👊🏻
Keep on blogging & getting tons of publications, adding tons of tabs, pages in your website.😜
& I’m sure abt one thing-
U r a diamond 💎, no one can break u
Keep smiling 🙂 & Enjoy today’s day.
Happy Women’s Day👩🏼


We both are here 🙂


Thank you so so much for such a lovely message 🙂


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