Words that kept me motivated…

I read a blog where a girl shares that how unhappy she is in her current marriage and everyone thinks that he has a perfect husband because he is smart and earns well. However, why she was unhappy? Because she was not able to bear the constant comments from her husband and it broke her self-esteem and also her from inside. That moment I realized how badly even a simple statement could impact us from inside.

I thought to write down all the important things that people ever said to me, and which always kept me motivated. (Statements are in bold, and I have also briefly explained the story behind them.)

  1. You are a strong woman, never be scared. (By V.M.)

    I was going home by train, and an electric pillar fell on the train coach. People saw sparking and started running. It was close to burning train experience because no one knew what is happening just running. However, in the end, everyone was safe. The staff was taking care of the fault, and we were still sitting in the train. I called my friend and told that I was really scared. He said, always remember you are a strong woman and never be scared, and see you handled that nicely. It made a strong impact on me, and after this event, I try to handle every situation bravely.

  2. Do you think crying is the best solution for such an intelligent girl? (By V.M.)

    I was feeling bad due to some events and called my friend. While talking, I couldn’t control the tears and just started crying. When I was quite after some time my friend said: “Do you think crying is the best solution for such an intelligent girl.” I realized that surely the crying is not a solution. It’s only the bad time when we need to think wisely and make good decisions. Now I always try my best not to cry and try to handle all emotions and all things in a better way.

  3. Good things even go after you. (By S.D.)

    I was starting my NGO, and of course, it was like lots of responsibilities. That time one of my friends said to me, “You are taking a great initiative, and you know these things even go after you.” If you do them nicely, they will keep running; even you leave or die. It really motivated me, and whenever I am confused, his words make me go through it. He made me believe in my dream and my effort will always be alive in one or another way.

  4. Only a diamond knows why the time had put that under pressure (By A.T.)

    I am a Google Women Techmaker Scholar and once someone from that group posted this quote. I liked that, and now whenever I am passing through a hard phase of my life, I just believe that time is putting me in that situation for making me someone good.

  5. There is no right or wrong way to live life; you have to make your own unique way. (By V.M.)

    I was confused about what to do, what is right, what is wrong. I asked him for help and he said I cannot decide right or wrong based on others’ experiences or perspectives, I have to do what I feel right because I am not born to replicate someone’s life; I am born to live my life, and I have to make it unique with my decisions and experiences. So, never worry about right or wrong 😉

  6. Being a girl, it is hard, you have done great till now, and you will do further. (By V.M.)

    I was having a high fever and had to travel because of an important trip. I was feeling like quitting in the middle, and I told one of my friends over the call, and he said this. Then I realized that I really have managed nicely till now and can do it further. Now, whenever I travel, I never scare because I know I can manage just being calmly and patiently. Same goes true with life. You also try sometime. 🙂

  7. Don’t be hard on you; you are doing the best you can do. Just focus on what’s the next best step. (By V.M.)

    Once I was very upset, and I was doing that I am not doing the best what I can do. I talked to one of my friends, he counted all the good things happened to me recently and made me believe that I am doing great and this is the max that I can do given all circumstances. Now, whenever I feel this way, I just remember this incident and count all the good things happened recently and try to make one more good things to happen. You also try it sometime and better write all good things in dairy and read them regularly because we forget nice things easily.

  8. You help so many people; I am happy to get a chance to help you. (By R.K.)

    This happened when I thanked one of my friends for the help he offered me with an application. It really saved my time. He said that he was happy to help me because I always help others. I really knew I never helped him before, but I was happy to see that people observe how you behave with others and help you when you need. I always believe all help you do to others come your way in one or another way. If you will think, you will also find it true, so, always be open to help others.

  9. What I observe in you, I do not observe in most of my students. (By R.W.)

    Once I met one senior professor in a conference, and we talked about a lot of stuff including different cultures, cuisines, recipes, job, research, music, dance, Google, social services, life goals, popular science books, languages, and a lot more. In the end, he gave me this remark “What I observe in you, I don’t observe in most of my students.” It really made me happy. It also made me feel that it is really important to discuss with others being what kind of person you are. I will also suggest you be what you are and people will find you interesting.

  10. You are building a great resume; you will achieve great heights. (By R.G.)

    I called her to tell that I am invited to attend a summer school. She congratulated me and just said this. That time I was going through a confusing period of my life, but her statement made me really happy. That day I realized we just need to do what is required to build a good resume, rest will automatically fall in place.
  11. One day this world will believe in what you have and will appreciate you for that. (BY J.J.)

    When your professor believes so much in you, it is truly motivating. His words always motivated me to do even better.

  12. You couldn’t get it because you didn’t have the required resources not because you ain’t worthy of it. (By Y.S.)

    I couldn’t make to that exam, and my teacher said this to me. I was very young at that time, and the only thing that used to matter was rock through every exam. However sometimes we cant achieve a few things due to the lack of the required resources, and whatever is the reason, we should never blame us for that.
  13. Don’t do anything to make me proud; I am just another human being. (By S.I.)

    Once I told my professor, I always tried my best to make you proud. He replied and also explained, don’t do anything to make me proud, I am just another human being. I realized, it is surely not a right motivation and we are not born to make someone proud. We should do what makes us happy, and if you believe this, it will surely change some decisions in your life 🙂
  14. Time is linear, do what is most important to you. (By S.I.)

    During Ph.D., in one of the summer vacations, I got many offers including internships and projects, and I was confused what to do. I discussed with people and someone said, for sure all the options are good but you can not go for all. You just need to choose what you like most. So, now when I have many options, I choose one that is most important to me.

  15. Pessimism is a disease worse than cancer, so first search for it in your mind and your heart, and delete it. (By A.M.)

    Once my friend quoted me this from Chanakya Niti when I was sad. At that moment, I realized it is surely spreading faster and making me sadder and sadder, and I need to get out of it. I will also suggest you be safe from the diseases like sadness, depression, unhappiness; they will kill you surely. I am still learning to fight with them and will master eventually.

All these words are very common but what makes them great is the right time when a right person comes into your life to make you realize. All these things changed my perspectives towards life and also towards me. I always remember these words and they truly motivate me whatever is the situation.



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