I am a network scientist and enjoy playing with networks. What fascinates me the most towards my research is “Networks are everywhere” whether it is a society (social/communication/collaboration networks), human body (protein/brain networks), or technical environment (Internet/WWW networks). Their vast applications in epidemiology, biology, neuroscience, linguistic, motivate me to understand their evolution and dynamics. My research interests include complex networks, social network analysis, linguistic analysis, machine learning. I enjoy discussing science, motivating students, and delivering talks.

In free time, I like reading books on behavioral economics, cognitive science, social psychology etc. or the collections of my favourite authors including Paulo Coelho, APJ Kalam. These books have inspired me immensely and gradually changed my perspective towards the life. Books are always my best friends, and now I have realized that they are an amazing guide too. Apart from reading, I am interested in poetry, cooking, crafts, paintings, solving puzzles.

If you want to know more about me, be with me for some time. You will always find a happy, helping, rational girl on your side, who has never been defeated in her life and will never let you loose!!!

For more details, please refer: http://www.akratisaxena.com