Female pioneers in our field

First time I have read a blog by someone dedicated to Female pioneer researchers 🙂 Really motivating…You all can mention your Female pioneers too 🙂

Petter Holme

Science is a man’s world. My field is not the most macho, but still it’s worth mentioning some unsung female pioneers. Working on our essay about simulation in social science, I learned about three I didn’t know before:

  • Klara von Neumann—coded the first simulation program, codenamed Monte Carlo. It was the second major project to run on the first programmable computer. It was the first program: to use function calls, to be loaded into the computer with the input data, to generate pseudorandom numbers. She had a famous husband, also working on the same project, but if it was a modern science project, she’d probably be the first author of a paper. Read more here. I guess programming ENIAC wasn’t like “import numpy as np” either.
  • Mary Tsingou—was a part of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam project (like the above, a post-Manhattan-project project, kicking off the field of nonlinear science and a precursor of…

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